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Does CBD Help Beard Growth?

Men commonly face hair loss at some point in their lives. On average, you can expect to lose upwards of 100 hair strands every day...and that’s normal! Anything more than this is considered to be excessive hair loss, and can be due to genetics, hormonal imbalances, and stress.

While most hair loss occurs on the top of your head, you may also have some hair loss on your beard, especially if you have alopecia barbae. Even if you are not noticing much beard hair loss, you will probably notice beard hairs occasionally falling out in the sink or on your shirt, which signals that it is something to act on.

Thankfully, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid called CBD can help beard growth in some pretty phenomenal ways. Studies have found that the CBD that is used in carrier oils can nourish beard hair internally and externally. As time goes on, you will have stronger and thicker beard hair.

Now, for the answer to the question you have been wondering. Does CBD help beard growth? Well, the good news is that CBD has been shown to help with a host of hair issues, which we will go over in this article. Once you are done reading, you will see just how much CBD can help beard growth.

  • CBD for Beard Growth

The following are all of the ways CBD can help beard growth and leave you with thick and well-nourished facial hair.

  • CBD Reduces Stress

Let's first start off with one of the benefits of CBD for hair that you may not immediately associate with the cannabinoid. Stress is actually a major factor in premature hair loss. When you are under a lot of stress, especially for prolonged periods of time, a hormone called cortisol gets released in waves, which leads to hair loss, weight gain, and insomnia. CBD reduces stress, improves sleep, and manages weight. This all leads to you having less risk of succumbing to stress-induced beard hair loss.

  • CBD Reduces Inflammation

When your body experiences inflammation, especially when it’s chronic inflammation, your hair health and growth get affected. There are a number of things that cause inflammation, such as unhealthy processed foods. Whatever it is, CBD has shown itself to suppress inflammation, which ensures hair growth isn’t stunted or negatively affected. CBD also has the ability to get down into sebaceous glands and lubricate your beard hair follicles when you use a beard oil containing CBD.

  • CBD Increase Blood Circulation

Hair needs blood flowing to it to deliver nutrients for its continued growth. When your blood circulation is good, you will have plenty of nutrients getting delivered to your hair follicles. CBD happens to increase blood flow, which help both bring nutrients to your beard hair while expelling toxins. The end result is that your beard will be both healthier and stronger.

  • Using CBD for Beard Health

As you can see, CBD can help beard growth in several different ways. Now that you can be confident enough to switch over to CBD beardcare products, you should also know what the best ways are to use CBD for beard health.

  • CBD Beardcare for Dry and Itchy Beards

Is your beard feeling dry and itchy? If so, you will want to use a CBD beard oil. There are 21 amino acids contained within this one cannabinoid, which will help strengthen and moisturize your beard. If your beard is feeling more like a Brillo than a soft face mane these days, then it has become far too dry and stripped of its natural oils.

The antioxidants in CBD will also help prevent the external environment from damaging your beard. Whether it is too cold, too hot, or something else, your beard will stay protected better when your beard oil is infused with CBD.

Having an itchy beard can also mean the skin underneath it is inflamed. If that is the case, then a CBD beard oil will be able to significantly reduce the inflammation and resulting redness and itching. You will also have less beard dandruff due to not scratching viciously away at your beard anymore.

  • CBD for Thicker Beard Hair

If you are like most men, you want your beard to be thick and full. Unfortunately, not every man can achieve the same fullness they desire. However, you can get some help with making what you can grow to become fuller, thicker, and stronger. Using a CBD beard oil regularly will deliver helpful omega-3 fatty acids that, when absorbed by the hair follicles, will help your beard hairs become thick, long, and lustrous.

  • Conclusion

CBD has proven itself to be phenomenal for beards. Does CBD help beard growth? The answer is a resounding YES! Today, beardcare products are increasingly becoming infused with CBD. Instead of continuing to use the products you used to for maintaining your beard, you should consider upgrading to ones that contain CBD. You stand to enjoy all of the benefits written about in this article.


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