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Is CBD Oil Good for Beards?

If you have a beard, you probably are exceedingly proud of it. You take care of it regularly and make sure it is looking its best. Growing out a beard in the first place takes time, and you will probably want to do everything you can to make sure it comes in as full and healthy as it can. If you already have a beard, you are probably regularly looking for better ways to take care of it. Well, we have great news for you! CBD oil has some incredible properties that help beards look their best and be supremely healthy.

Keeping your beard hydrated with beard oil is an absolute must. It will improve its growth, make it softer, and relieve any sort of itchiness you may sometimes get. For perfectly-sculpted facial hair, you can upgrade to a CBD beard oil.

  • What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is the short way of saying cannabidiol. This is a naturally-occurring compound in the cannabis plant that is in a class of compounds like cannabinoids. By law, CBD must contain less than 0.3% THC. That threshold exists to avoid any psychoactive effects.

There have been a number of therapeutic properties discovered in recent years when it comes to CBD. Everything from reduced irritation and redness to improved skin and hair health may be possible thanks to using CBD oil for your beard. If you want to improve the look and health of your beard, CBD oil is an excellent choice.

Maintaining your beard is going to take a little bit of work. Something that can make the process upkeep easier is getting a quality beard oil. When you opt for a beard oil with CBD, you stand to benefit from having a softer beard that looks and feels incredible.

  • CBD Beard Oil Benefits

There are great benefits to using CBD beard oil. Here are some of the major ones:

  • Improved Hair Growth

There is a growing body of evidence that shows CBD oil can improve beard hair growth. This is due to CBD oil containing lipids. These help fortify weaker beard hairs and make them stronger. They also promote the production of keratin, which is a protein that helps hair grow.

As great as CBD is for helping beard hair grow, it can't do everything. However, if you eat healthily, get enough exercise, and get a solid 7-9 hours of sleep every day, you will soon have a full and great-looking beard.

  • Softer Beard Hair

Your beard hairs will normally be coated with natural oils. These protect them from damage and keep them soft. However, those oils may get stripped away when you are washing your beard with soap or taking a shower. If you aren't using a beard oil after washing your beard, it is not going to have anything protecting it. The end result of this is a coarse beard that is almost like sandpaper or a Brillo pad.

Applying a beard oil containing CBD will help protect your beard very well. Not only that, but it will also moisturize the skin that is under your beard.

  • Reduced Beard Dandruff

Every beard follicle also has a pair of sebaceous glands that produce sebum. This is an oil that is the key to keeping your beard well-nourished, moisturized, and healthy. However, the production of sebum oil can't usually match the speed at which your beard hairs are growing. What you then end up dealing with is a whole lot of itching, dryness, and dandruff. The drier things get, the more you will itch, which means you will be scratching off flakes of skin, leaving dandruff all over your beard and shirt.

CBD beard oil gets rid of this issue entirely by delivering the nourishment your beard needs. When your body can’t produce enough sebum fast enough to protect your beard, CBD beard oil can come to the rescue for you.

  • When to Apply CBD Beard Oil

To keep your beard in the best shape it can be in, you should be applying beard oil right after taking a shower or anytime you wash your beard. That will ensure it spends the least amount of time devoid of any protective oils.

If you are someone who regularly gets irritated skin after shaving and shaping up your beard, then applying CBD beard oil will soothe your skin. This is an oil you don’t have to be concerned about using too much of because it is completely safe.

  • Conclusion

CBD oil in beard products makes an already-great product even better. By protecting your beard with a CBD beard oil, you ensure your beard looks as full, healthy, and great as it could. It will be softer than ever and the skin underneath it will be free of any redness, itching, or irritation. A growing number of men are making the switch to using a beard oil with CBD in it, and we definitely recommend that you do as well.

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