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Beard Octane Affiliate Program

The Beard Octane CBD customers are what keeps this big, piston-pumping, oil-leaking beard machine rolling forward. In all seriousness, without you guys and gals, Beard Octane CBD wouldn't exist. Day after day, you are the ones who are talking to your friends and family and making posts on social media about how much you love Beard Octane's CBD products. As a result, Beard Octane CBD sells more products and is one step closer to retirement (wishful thinking). But why shouldn't you get something in return for performing your civic duty of promoting Beard Octane CBD? Well, you should, and you will!

Beard Octane CBD Affiliate Program


  • Click on the signup button above or click on this link.
  • Fill out the affiliate application page completely and accurately.
  • Choose your Preferred Coupon Code, which will serve as your "Affiliate Discount Code."
  • Submit the form and you will be notified of your affiliate approval via email within 24-72 hours.


  • Once your affiliate account is approved, you will be provided with your personalized Referral Link and your Preferred Coupon Code, which you previously chose.
  • Immediately share either your Referral Link or Preferred Coupon Code (or better yet, both) with your family, friends, co-workers, strangers, Frank behind the deli counter, MySpace® friends, across your social media platforms, rent a billboard, or even tattoo it on your chest.
  • Let everyone know that they will save 10% off their entire order if they use your Referral Link or Preferred Coupon Code.


  • This is the fun part. For any sale completed which was made using your Referral Link or Preferred Coupon Code, you will earn 10% commission for the entire sale amount (excluding taxes & shipping fees).
  • To keep track of your conversions, simply login with your credentials through this link:


  • Share photos of your favorite Beard Octane CBD products across your social media platforms. You're using it everyday, so this only takes a few minutes!
  • Create content that features Beard Octane CBD products. This is likely to generate interest and gather more viewers.
  • The harder you work, the greater the reward. This is no different — have fun with it!


  • As an affiliate of Beard Octane CBD, you hold yourself to a higher standard. We're not quite sure what this standard is, but we've been told by others that it's pretty high. Please act accordingly and do not misrepresent and/or act unprofessional.
  • Do not spam your Referral Link or Preferred Coupon Code in any Beard Octane CBD advertisements, social media accounts, website, comment sections, blogs, etc.
  • If you do not follow these requirements, your affiliate account shall be crushed in a vice and/or terminated.