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Here at Beard Octane CBD, we have taken the necessary...and extra steps in order to ensure that we are bringing you the Highest Quality CBD products possible.  Our CBD line has been in development for nearly two years now!  We absolutely refused to launch this CBD line until we were beyond 100% confident that we put the effort, and most importantly, the research in before doing so.  A major component of this CBD line is the third party, independent lab testing we subjected our products to.  As usual, we are provided with independent lab testing directly from our CBD source of supply.  However, we wanted to make sure that our choice of High Quality CBD will function at the highest level when mixed with our personal beard care product ingredients.  We were able to achieve this by having our own product testing conducted by an accredited, independent testing facility.  These tests were conducted on "finished" products, which documents exactly what you will receive as a valued customer.  

We did not stop there!  To ensure that the addition of CBD was accomplished flawlessly, we worked directly with our CBD source of supply in have the CBD mixed directly into our base ingredients.  This was done to ensure that the exact high quality ingredients you have come to love of ours, were being utilized from start to finish!  This ensures there are not different types of shea butters, coconut oil, sweet almond oil etc being mixed together to produce any of our products.

With that being said, there are five (5) types of analyses that we feel are must when it comes to CBD related products: Cannabinoids, Pesticides & Mycotoxins, Residual Solvents, Heavy Metals & Microbial.  


This lab test will assess the quantity of cannabinoids in a CBD product.  This test is extremely important because it will verify that a specific product contains the levels of CBD that are listed on the product label.  This test will also/should show that a Pure Isolate CBD (THC Free) product does not contain any THC.  This is extremely important for ensuring a Pure Isolate CBD product is actually 100% THC Free.


This lab test will check for the presence of pesticide residues.  Commonly, there are growing farms that will grow hemp plants with the use of pesticides to reduce damage commonly caused by insects.  These pesticides can be harmful to your health.  Beard Octane CBD products DO NOT contain any pesticides.


This lab test will check for the presence of solvents.  Solvent is a common compound used in the extraction of CBD.  Some of these solvents include: propane, ethanol, acetone, and isobutane.  


This lab test will check for the presence of heavy metals which can be obtained by the hemp plant during growth.  Common heavy metals include: Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Nickel, Selenium, and Chromium.


This lab test will check for the presence of contaminants such as: Fungi, Bacteria, and Mycotoxins which may be found in the plant itself.  These contaminants can be associated with allergic reactions and be harmful to humans.  We ensure that our sourced CBD is 100% free of these contaminants.


Below are the lab results for each of our beard products which contain any concentration of CBD:

Beard Oil Full Spectrum

Beard Oil Pure Isolate

Beard Balm Full Spectrum

Beard Balm Pure Isolate

Beard Butta Full Spectrum

Beard Butta Pure Isolate

LCW Full Spectrum

LCW Pure Isolate

Beard Conditioner Full Spectrum

Beard Conditioner Pure Isolate